Life With Braces

Life With Braces In Manteca, CA

As a general dental practice offering orthodontic treatment, we’re here not only for the aesthetics of your smile, but for the long-term health of your teeth as well. Our goal at Spreckels Park Dental is for you to have a beautiful smile, a stable bite, and the best oral health possible.

Eating With Braces

Patients with braces are allowed to eat nearly anything, with the exception of hard or super sticky items. Corn on the cob, apples, and other hard fruits are best avoided or cut into smaller pieces so your front teeth are not the first direct source of chewing, which can lead to brackets being broken. Also, chewing gum or caramel can easily get stuck in between your brackets and therefore be harder to clean.

You may not be too surprised to hear that soda or sugary drinks are the biggest culprit of tooth degeneration when you have braces. These beverages weaken the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. Getting cavities when you have braces can delay the completion of your orthodontic treatment, as brackets may need to be removed to place a filling.

Braces Discomfort

If you’re experiencing discomfort from your braces, we highly recommend using orthodontic wax to cover any wires or brackets that may be causing discomfort. This is only a temporary solution until your next visit at our Manteca, CA dental office. Be sure to call Dr. Parikh or Dr. Arora immediately if you have any issues and follow their directions.

Keeping Your Smile Clean

Maintaining a consistent oral health care regimen is key! Brushing and flossing twice a day is the best way to maintain your braces and oral hygiene. It is ideal to brush after every meal or sugary drink. A water flosser can also help to remove food debris where toothbrushes can’t reach.

Following your doctors’ instructions, maintaining good oral health, and staying away from restricted foods will allow us to straighten your teeth according to plan and get those braces off in no time!

If you have questions or concerns about your braces during treatment at Spreckels Park Dental, please don't hesitate to call our Manteca, CA office at (209) 825-1030. We're here to help and want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

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