General Dentistry

Our General Dentistry Services Include

Dental Implants - for the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today

Dentures - to help you smile again

Sealants - to protect children's teeth from decay

Fillings - to remove cavities & make your teeth strong and healthy again

Crowns & Bridgework - to replace large amounts of lost tooth structure & or missing teeth

Root Canal Treatment - to save an infected tooth

Tooth Extractions - when a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair

Bone Grafts - to resolve natural bone loss in the jaw

Professional Teeth Cleanings - to maintain good oral health

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy - to prevent tooth loss

Oral Cancer Screenings - to detect disease at a curable stage

TMJ/TMD Treatment - for chronic jaw pain


General Dentistry in Manteca, CA

Dentistry is an art and science that involves close attention to detail and precision. Whether it is treating an emergency dental situation or achieving the dental aesthetic needs of a patient, it all comes under the umbrella of general dentistry. The scope of service that dentistry has to offer is what makes it ever challenging and inspiring to our team at Spreckels Park Dental.

Dr. Parikh and Dr. Arora are general dentists who provide a broad range of dentistry. They offer comprehensive dental services and specialize in full mouth restoration. When function is compromised due to decay or trauma, they have the ability to restore a patient’s bite and aesthetics. The results can be truly amazing!

Both Dr. Parikh and Dr. Arora have gone through and continue to undergo thorough continuous dental education with well-known dental educators to keep their knowledge and techniques up to date. With technology constantly changing, they are committed to maintaining credentials and certifications with new state-of-the-art methods and technology, including 3D scanning and digital imagery, for the comfort and ease of our patients.

Dental Referrals

If a patient needs specialty care outside of our scope, we highly encourage referrals to a specialist’s office. From root canals, to orthodontics, it varies from case to case. We ultimately always do our best for our patient, whether that is to provide treatment in house or to rely on the services of a specialty care provider.

Dental Care and Insurance

All our services are typically covered by insurance with the exception of cosmetic/aesthetic treatments. Treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers fall under cosmetic treatments. We offer multiple forms of payment plans to make your dental care as affordable as possible. Plus, we offer complimentary consultations for new and existing patients! Please contact our Manteca, CA dental office for more info!

Choosing a dentist doesn't have to be hard! Spreckels Park Dental offers a full range of general dentistry services and cosmetic treatments for all your oral health needs. Call our Manteca, CA office today at (209) 825-1030 to schedule an appointment!

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