Don't Fear a Root Canal

Don't Fear a Root Canal

If you need to get root canal therapy let us put your mind at ease.root canal

Yikes! Our Stockton and Manteca, CA, dentist, Dr. Rujul Parikh, recently told you that you need root canal treatment and the first thing you did was search the Internet. You probably didn’t find anything comforting so far, did you? That’s because there are loads of stories out there that love to place root canals in a terrible light. Of course, it’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to this treatment. If you need root canal therapy, find out why it’s really nothing to fear.

It Eliminates Pain

The purpose of this endodontic treatment is to remove an infected or irritated dental pulp, a structure that lies within each tooth. There are many reasons a dental pulp may cause you issues, from decay and infection to direct injury to the tooth. When a dental pulp is inflamed or infected it can cause some pretty unbearable pain.

Of course, by removing the pulp our Stockton and Manteca general dentist also removes the source of the pain. Those who are in pain can’t wait to finally get the relief they need, and root canal therapy provides that relief. Just remember that the purpose of a root canal isn’t to cause pain but to get rid of it.

This Procedure Isn’t Invasive

While root canal therapy may sound rather invasive since we will need to remove a structure that lies inside the tooth, it’s really no more aggressive than having a cavity filled. Sure, there are may be more steps involved during root canal therapy, but just as getting a cavity removed and filled is a simple, straightforward and easy procedure, so too is getting this treatment.

You Shouldn’t Feel Anything

Those who need root canal therapy are often in a lot of pain beforehand, so it comes as a welcome relief to find out that a local anesthesia will be applied around the tooth prior to treatment. This means that your mouth will be completely numb, so not only will you no longer have to deal with that severe, nagging dental pain but also you won’t feel a thing during your endodontic procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming root canal then don’t hesitate to call Central Valley Dentist today. With offices in Manteca and Stockton, CA, we make it easier to get the compassionate, gentle dental care you deserve.